Why Choose Combat Zone Paintball



Best Paintball Experience in the East Midlands Year After Year

Our paintball site has consistently won awards for the Best Paintball Experience in the East Midlands and Best Paintball Venue. You can check out the other accoldes we have won in the past year, along with our live Google and Facebook reviews here.

For our staff and clients this is a great honour. Over the past 20 years we have always strived to be the best we possibly can. Here are a few of the reasons we believe we are the best and why you should choose Combat Zone Paintball.

  • During the past 20 years we have never put our prices up! As our suppliers increase theirs we streamline our business to make sure we don’t increase ours
  • No Hidden extras. Most sites will charge for things like body armour and neck guards. We don’t! We do not believe you should have to pay for items we feel should be included.
  • Dedicated seating areas and parking for all groups. Our paintball base-camp has 20 individual bays, so you get your own. No more fighting for spaces to sit with your friends. The bays included benches and tables and also have roofs and sides.
  • Free lockers. Again this is something most will charge for but we like to go against the normal.
  • Secure parking. Along with you individual parking areas, our site and car park are covered by 24 hour CCTV for piece of mind.
  • No Fog goggles. We have developed our own unique lining for goggles. This means you do not end up trying to see through a grey fog!
  • Temperature controlled paint. This does make a big difference. Cold paint causes the paint to break in the paintball markers and can hurt more. We control all of our paints temperature meaning it will fly better and with more accuracy. It also means we can use a high quality paint which breaks easier on impact and therefore less pain.
  • Unique fields. Are fields are designed by players for players. Each of our unique maps are carefully planned meaning strategically placed barricades enabling better movement around the arenas. The use of reactive targets and pyrotechnic add more fun.
  • Free teas and coffee. Its the small things which can count. Having free tea and coffee all day is always good.
  • Equipment for all conditions. We have different weight coveralls for most weathers and players sizes from xxs to 4xl.
  • UKPSF member. This is a very important one! As a member of the UK governing body, you can rest assured that our site complies to all health and safety guidelines and has the relevant insurance and trained staff.



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