What To Expect From Your Day


Before the day

All players should fill in the online registration form. When completing the form simply select the organisers name from the drop down menu. This will allocate you to the correct group. We still have paper forms on the day if you can’t complete the form before or in the morning of the game day.

CLICK HERE > https://combatzonepaintball1.rapidreg.com/register/informed-consent-form

What to Expect When You Arrive

As you turn off the A57 you will see a lane straight ahead of you that is called Westmoor Lane (do not follow your Sat Nav and approach through Kettlethorpe as that is one bumpy ride!).

Follow the lane until you see the sign below and a friendly member of our team waiting to welcome you into our car park.

combatzone entrance signage on the car park gate


Once you have been given your lane number you just have to park directly in front of that number. Other members of your group will park directly behind you (perhaps you will park directly behind someone who arrived before you). That way when your group wants to leave nobody is blocking you in and similarly you are not blocking anyone else in. The car park might be empty when you arrive but it can fill up fast and we are often catering for drop offs, full day and half day groups so please be considerate of others arriving.

bay numbers for parking in groups on arrival


Head into basecamp when you arrive so we can start to get your group booked in – we will send any late arrivals down to you. You will walk past toilet facilities on your left in a large red container on your way to basecamp. You will be greeted by someone as you walk past the lockers on your left and shown your bay. They all have numbers assigned and that is where you will kit up and de-kit at the end of your session.

basecamp where everyone gets their own bay


You should have filled in your paperwork online before arrival (don’t worry we do keep forms on site in case you have not). We will come and collect your group when it is your turn to sign in. We like to do it in a particular order to keep full day, half day, junior/low impact groups together – so bare with us – your time will come. Simply queue up in front of the ‘shop window’ and await your turn.

You will be given a number. That is your number for the rest of the day. You will be able to order paint with that number and assign anything such as snacks/glove rental that you can then pay at the end of your session. Once you have signed in you will walk past the door on your left and to the next window where you will be handed your kit for the half/full day.

If you would like to rent gloves (£2) or ask for a neck guard/ body armour (free) then now is the time to do that. Take your kit and head back to your bay to kit up so we can get the next group through.

shop window where refreshments are available and you sign in


Yes you can get a locker key (free) and put your valuables in your locker. You can also help yourself to free tea and coffee in the canteen. There is also a water station outside so you can fill cups/bottles up as and when you need to.

If you would like to purchase snacks or branded drinks that can be done at the shop window. We have a range of crisps, chocolate bars and still/fizzy/energy drinks available. Don’t worry you will absolutely run those calories off!

lockers and tea & coffee facilities in basecamp


This is the most important part of your day (yes we know it wont be the most fun part!). We pride ourselves on our health and safety recond. Often delivered by the owner of Combat Zone (looking like a super serious action hero in the pic) you will be taken through everything that will keep your day safe, fun and friendly.

You will then go to the shop window to collect your first pots of paint and any pyros (if you are of age) and head to a final 30 second brief where you will meet your marshalls. They will remind you of the importance of keeping those masks on at all times when outside of basecamp (the area where your bay and the shop is) and also how important it is to pick up the right gun and return it to the right numbered slot.

safety briefing making paintball super safe


Your marshalls are key to your enjoyment throughout the day. Listen to the briefs so that you know what to do during gameplay and simply shout ‘marshall marshall’ is you need anything like:

  1. More paint – they can radio it in against your number and supply you with a pod there and then
  2. Escorting from a pinned position where you are taking heavy fire and cannot get your hand up easily to let people know you are out
  3. Think someone is breaking the rules – if we see it we can prevent it and if needed penalise the individual
  4. You have a question, a concern or just are not sure what you are supposed to be doing – ask them – they are there to make sure you have fun
three of combatzone's professional marshalls


You will most liely be wearing a red or blue hood and every single one of our fields has one thing in common. A pair of red and blue gates at opposite sides of the field to each other. You stand in front of the gate to start the game and you stand behind your ‘start gate’ if you are shot during play to prevent you taking any additonal stray shots.

If you would like more information on gameplay then check out all the information on our fields page.

paintball start gates in red and blue


Yes it does sting. We cannot say for sure how painful you will find it because people’s pain thresholds are different and once you have adrenaline running through you our marshalls have seen people take a shot direct to the top of the head and feel nothing. We have had thousands of people through our gates and the overwhelming majority forget about the sting after they take that first hit.

If you are concerned then try low impact paintball first and then you can always progress onto standard paintball when you are more confident.


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