Walk on players

Walk On Players 

These are classified as players with all of their own equipment. Players used to be given a large discount as our site does not supply any equipment. However, we have eneded this in favour of encouraging walk ons to events that we held once a month on the site to accomodate amateur and professional players. We wish our punters to get the most out of their experience and their satisfaction must come first which is why entry to rental days bare the same cost as any individual taking part. The players are responsible for their own maintenance and repair of their equipment.

  • Walk on players are welcome on any day which we have games but we have strict guildlines on what equipment you can use. Our aim is to ensure what walk on players are not given an unfair advantage over our normal players. Manual markers or if they are electronic, the rate of fire must be set to 6bps! Uncapped electronic markers can only be use on designated walk on days. This means that all players equipment is of the same standard and normal recreation players are not out-gunned. This will also mean you will not need as much paint since you wont be shooting 15-20 balls per second
  • Camoflage outfit or dark colours ONLY to be worn. This avoids any conflict with the marshals uniform (coveralls can be rented from the site).
  • Colored team snoods MUST be worn. These will be provided by the site at no additional cost.


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