Forms and Downloads

paintballer in black and white

Forms & Downloads

paintballer in black and white

Before the day

All players should fill in the online registration form. When completing the form simply select the organisers name from the drop down menu. This will allocate you to the correct group. We still have paper forms on the day if you can’t complete the form before or in the morning of the game day.



We are phasing out paperwork to reduce our carbon footprint but if you prefer to print your forms or require translation please see them below.

You will find links to our forms and downloads. You can download our liability waver forms for both standard and low impact paintballing. We have also attached party invites and posters which will help generate interest for your game

Standard Paintball Consent Forms

These are the standard forms we ask all players of the standard paintball to read and sign. All players under the age of 16 years old must be signed by a parent/ guardian or supervising adult.

For translated EU content please click on the relevent icon below:


Standard Paintball Consent Forms

Below is a link to download our ‘low impact’ paintball consent forms. These are to be signed by a parent/ guardian or supervising adult.

Low Impact Party Invite

Please find a link to ‘low impact’ paintball party invitations to use.