Standard Paintball


standard paintball key features at combatzone paintball

Visit Combat Zone Paintball in Lincoln, where standard paintball is anything but that. State of the art paintball markers and exceptional upgrades available. We only use the best quality equipment and paintballs for the ultimate paintball experience bar non. Our highly trained staff will take you through some of the most intense gaming fields available. During your paintball session you get to play any of our paintball maps with no restriction, full of all the wonderful props, pyrotechnics and much more.

Many of our games are designed around the “Call of Duty” experience. Our fields have electronic domination boxes, reactive pressure pads and much more. We play games such as team death match, domination, and headquarters.

This adrenaline fuelled experience leaves nothing out. Expect no compromise because we don’t. If in doubt then simply read our reviews!

If you are a little squeamish, scared of the sting or just looking for all of the fun and none of the bruises then low impact paintball is a great option for you! We cater for all audiences and want to make sure you have a truly memorable experience.


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