Junior Paintball


junior paintball - what is included at combat zone

We are now offering our ‘Junior paintball experience’ exclusively for the 8-10 year olds. Using the latest 0.50 calibre markers with a speed restriction and low impact paintballs, junior paintball gives over 80% less impact than a regular paintball, making them ideal for the younger players. Due to the size of the paintball the equipment is much lighter too.

Although these paintball markers are classed as low impact, they are just as much fun as the standard paintball markers.

Junior paintball is run on dedicated fields away from the standard players. The session is run for 2.5 hours. In the session all groups will play a minimum of 3 different fields and 6 games. Each game is run between 10-15 minutes, with a 10 minute break between every 2 games.

Each players paintball marker is filled with 100 paintballs at the start of each game. This is enough paintballs to last the game. It means each player is allocated up to 600 paintball’s over the session! There is no option to buy more paintballs on this session.

The major difference with junior paintball is the guns fire smaller paintballs at a much reduced speed and we use a low impact paintball, meaning the impact felt when they hit a player with is much less.

Full face goggles, padded head protection, body armour, armoured gloves and neck guards are worn for extra safety as standard.

Mini paintball sessions will run on any day providing we have a minimum of 10 players in total. This can be made up of a single group, or by multiple groups. Mini paintball spaces are strictly limited to a maximum of 30 players. If you do have 10 players it does not mean you will automatically get a private group session, but it does mean we can guarantee the session will be run.

Parents are more than welcome to join in with the kids; as we are all big kids at heart. It is an excellent way of getting families of all ages to play together!

Session Includes:

  • The latest low impact paintballing equipment
  • Dedicated Staff and fields
  • All Paintballs included
  • Minimum of 6 games
  • Tea/ Coffee and juice
  • Group Picture


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