IPG tickets

paintballer in black and white

IPG Tickets

paintballer in black and white

Have you bought or in the posession of IPG paintball tickets from a sales vendor? After complaints by several people about the tickets, we would like to accept these tickets at Combat Zone Paintball which is just outside of Lincoln –  for free!

These tickets have been sold around the UK by paintball sales touts. However, when you call up to exchange them for a day, people are asked to pay another load of money just to get their first 100 paintballs. Sometimes people are offered additional paintballs free however these are not given until the end of the day. IPG do not have any sites around Lincoln, so if you have bought them locally to us, it will mean a long trip to use them.

We would like to offer the exchange of them completely free. No upfront costs and we will even give you your first 100 paintballs each FREE!

Whats more when you buy paintballs at our site our prices start at £5 per 100 instead of £10+ with IPG tickets. We will also include all of your equipment for the day along with free teas and coffees plus a hot light lunch.

To use these tickets, simply give us a call on 01427 611303 and we will book you in with us, no cost involved. We will exchange them for our VIP paintball tickets.