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  • Lincolnshire's Premier Paintball Venue

  • As perhaps a first timer to paintball or our site it is always nice to know what to expect from your day.

    We would ask that every player arrive 25 minutes before your start time.

    On arrival you will be met in the car park by one of our staff. Parking spaces can be limited on busy days, so you will be parked according to the session length.

    From the car park, you will be assigned your own bay for the day. The bays and roofs and sides to protect you from the elements along with seating and a table. This bay will only be used by your group. You will be asked to fill out a form which explains the rules of the site.

    Once your forms are filled in, you will be registered and given a player number for the day. The number is used to locate your paintball marker and when you require more paintball's from your chosen package, these will be given to you on the paintball fields by the marshals or while you are back in the base camp area. It means you will not have to carry money around.

    When you have been registered you will be allocated your kit for the day.

    After 'kitting up' you will be split into teams. All of the steps above generally takes about 20 minutes in total.

    Before you get started and get your paintball marker, all players you will be asked to sit through a safety briefing by the site manager. This is why we ask all players to arrive on time. When players arrive late, this can have an effect on all players. If a player arrives too late for the safety briefing then they will not be allowed to play.

    The safety briefing is an outline of the safety rules which you signed, along with how to use the paintball marker and you other equipment such as pyrotechnics.

    After the safety briefing, you will be introduced to your marshals for the day. They will re-check all safety equipment before starting you games.

    From arriving to the start of your games should take no longer than 30 minute.

    After you have finished your session, whether that be on a half day or full day session you will be brought back into the base camp area and be offered your very own private game. This last game is to generally use any paintball's which may be left in your paintball marker. The game you play will be yours to decide but will generally not last for longer than 10 minutes. Most people like to play an infinite re-spawn game, or if you are on a 'stag do', something a little different!