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  • 17/8/20

    We are proud to announce we will be back open on the 4th July. Our staff have been working hard over the past few weeks to ensure we have all procedures in place to protect our staff and customers. 

    Face covers will not be required, if this changes we will let everyone know. We ask people to observe the one way systems and safety procedures we have put in place. We also ask if you have any covid symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has covid, please do not attend. We do have temperature checking facilities on site and reserve the right to turn away any players who have a high temperature on arrival.

    • Limiting 4 players per bay (rather than 10)
    • One way system to and from the gun rack area.
    • Hand sanitizers will be made available in the toilets, canteen and basecamp area (requirement before anyone enters the canteen)
    • Single serving portions of tea, coffee and sugar in the canteen area for customers safety
    • Enhanced cleaning for all common areas and toilets.
    • Queue system for the shop/ sign in area
    • No equipment will be shared
    • One way system in the canteen area, with only 1 person allowed at a time
    • Any equipment which is used will be disinfected and will not be used again for a minimum of 5 days.

    Any bookings that we cancelled can now be rescheduled to suit. All deposits paid will be carried over for when we open.



    It is hard to miss the on-going saga with the Coronavirus (covid 19) here in the UK. Each day the government introduces new measures and restrictions. Currently our business is still trading and will continue to do so within the governments advice. Recently we have reduced the maximum group sizes allowed on site and lowered our minimum number. This means small groups of people can get together and have their own private fields but also means we do not have large groups of people mixing.

    Our company procedures & policies set out below are not in reaction to the current Coronavirus as this is something we have always done every session for the past 20 years!

    1. All equipment is washed after every session in house (you will never be given dirty coveralls worn by somebody else). Gloves rented to players are also washed, and gloves which are purchased are brand new and sealed.

    2. All goggles (full face masked) are stripped down to their component parts and cleaned/ sterilised after each session.

    3. The paintball marker used for the day is only used by you. Other paintball sites share markers, but we like everyone to have their own dedicated marker.

    4. All groups have their own separate dedicated seating bays.

    5. We have proper toilets (not just plastic port-a-loos), with running water, sinks and antibacterial soap!

    6. We use a force surrender rule, so you should never be closer than 6m from enemies on the field.

    7. We also allow no physical contact on the fields (obviously!).

    There are numerous articles and studies to show the benefits of trees and woodland, not only for the environment but also to people. Although at combat zone paintball the idea of having a leisurely stroll through the woods may not happen. More than likely, you will be chasing or being chased by somebody trying to shoot at you.


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