Free NHS Offer

NHS Free Paintball

As a member of the NHS, we would be proud to offer all of you this offer.

This free paintball experience will entitle you to take part in either our standard or low impact paintball sessions. It includes entry, all equipment, lunch and 100 paintballs. All you need is a good sense of humour and a date when you can join us. So where’s the catch you may ask….There is none! We feel that the NHS staff work hard enough and could do with a little R&R now and again.

Standard paintball is the most popular form of paintball, however low impact is gaining massive popularity on our site as it is exactly the same a standard but with less of a sting (we use smaller paintballs).

So you may ask how do we benefit? Over the day most people will require more paintballs which are purchased on site, however our paint prices are the lowest in the industry and will be further reduced to our bulk rate of £5 per 100. 

To book a session simply give us a call on 01427 611303 or fill out the form below. We will then send you a booking confirmation once everything is arranged. It is easier to book as a group rather than individuals so we have one point on contact.

Standard minimum bookings procedures will apply to this offer (as with every session). We need a minimum of 12 players to run a session. If you only have a couple of people, we will let you know what sessions we have running so you can join. We run games nearly every weekend, but mid weeks are a little quieter.

As this is a free session, we would ask that if you book a session and cant make it or your numbers change, please let us know as soon as possible. Places on our site are limited, so these spaces can be offered to other people (as you will all appreciate with NHS appointments).

Terms and conditions:

  • Booking must be made in advance either by phone or filling out the booking form
  • All players to be 16 or over
  • Offer applies to NHS staff and partners
  • Food is proved for full day sessions only (so if you choose a half day, it will not be included)
  • Players must arrive 30 minutes before the start times. Late arrives maybe excluded (as you will miss the safety briefing)
  • Additional paintballs will be reduced to £5 per 100.
  • All equipment will be provided except footwear and gloves (gloves can be rented for £2 for the day or bought for £5)
  • Pyrotechnics are only to be used by players 18 years +


Contact us 7 days a week 9am-6pm