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paintballer in black and white

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paintballer in black and white

Chemical Village

One of our newest and largest fields. Over 18 buildings, compounds, towers and even it own rocket.

Church Yard

This church yard comes complete with a huge church and a stairway to the tower. Take cover in the graveyard or rush for the church.

The Island

The only way across is by one of the 3 large bridges. Our most popular attack and defend game where each team tries to hold it as long as they can!

Checkpoint Charlie

Each team is separated by a 200m trench. The only way across is over the 2 bridges or through the checkpoints. 2 large towers help control the field.

Gold Rush

In this fast paced map your goal is to retrieve as many gold bars from the centre and defend them, as they are linked to a detonator the enemy can use to ruin all of your hard work.


Over 2 acres in size with multiple barricades and 3 towers. Each tower has it very own reactive detonator pad and flagpole. As the name might suggest this field is full of pipes to hide behind and inside of – making it a maze of potential.

Zombie House

The biggest attack and defend game play on site. As the building is attacked all players who are shot then become part of the attacking zombies. Ultimately there will only be 1 survivor!

Hill Billy doorway

HillBilly House

Can you survive the house that strikes fear in those that utter its name? How quickly can you eliminate those shiedling themselves inside? It’s all about taking them down…fast!