Paintball Equipment


At Combat Zone Paintball, you are assured to play the best fields using state of the art paintball equipment. We use the new Tippman FT12 paintball markers powered by compressed air. Unlike a lot sites which used Carbon Dioxide; compressed air is like the ferrari of paintball propellants. The accuracy and range of the paintball markers means that every shot will count. Don’t settle for inferior equipment… we don’t!

All you will need for your session is sensible footwear and a good sence of humor. We currently do not give gloves as standard, but we do offer a £2 rental service for armoured gloves. If you fancy a souvenir of the day, we also sell brand new full fingered armoured gloves at £5 per pair.


Your Paintball Equipment for the day will include:


  • Brand new Tippman FT12, semi automatic paintball marker (rate of 8 balls per second)
  • Full camouflage coveralls
  • Helix full face paintball goggles with nano-tech anti fog coating
  • Padded hood (worn under the goggles, coloured for teams)
  • Neck protector (available upon request)
  • Full finger armoured gloves (£2 to hire or £5 to buy)
  • 4 Pot battle pack (to hold paintballs in)
  • Pyrotechnic pouch (for those of you wanting to use smoke bombs, thunderflashes and more!)
  • Body armour (available upon request)


Contact us 7 days a week 9am-6pm