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    Combat Zone Paintball is the perfect paintball venue located in the heart of Lincolnshire. Nominated for the 'Best paintball Experience Award' in the UK, for over 20 years we have tens of thousands of happy customers. Places on our site are limited to ensure every player gets the perfect paintballing experience. Over the years our site can constantly grown and evolved as we regularly update the maps and love to add new fun paintball props. Our site has one of a kind immersive sound systems on a large number of our game zones.

    We are now the only site in the UK to offer truly all inclusive low impact paintball session for over 8's.

    We pride ourselves on offering the best standard of equipment available along with over 10 unique paintball fields which are continuously changed. During 2019, we have now lowered the prices on our game packages, which means you are unlikely to find any site which offers such good value for money. But don't take our word for it, have a look out our site price comparison page to see that we offer the best value paintball packages.

    Our site has now introduced a zero fog goggle lens system. Other sites claim to have fog free paintball goggles, but this is not the case. Even sites who charge for "high end" thermal goggles do not work as well as ours! The anti fog goggle was designed by us and only for use on our site so you will not find this on any other site in the world! You will be able to play all day without the worry of having limited visibility.


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