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  • Paintball Fields

    Combat Zone has over 10 unique paintball fields. These include a 4 acre village and 5 acre D-day landing field. All fields have different scenario's and objectives. Our fields feature a unique sound system and many different props such as reactive target and pyrotechnics. We are always investing in new technology to keep the scenarios as realistic as possible so anyone visiting can escape the mundane and immerse themselves in some exhilarating sequences. 

    We constantly change our fields so there is always something new. The fields also ensure a mix of fast and slow paced games, a good amount where you are defending a building and of course attacking one. They all provide plenty of places to hide and practice your stealth approaches unless it is more of a fast paced game in which case you best think quick on the fly and let the adrenaline do the decision making. If in doubt shoot and run! 

    Check out the images of our leading fields and see what awaits you during a Combat Zone Paintball session. 

  • One of our newest and largest fields. Over 18 Buildings, compounds, towers and even it own rocket.

  • This church yard comes complete with a huge church with a stairway to the tower.  One of the most popular fields due to it's size and massive loads of tombstone to hide behind.

  • The only way across is by one of the 3 large bridges. Our most poplar attack and defend game where each team tries to hold it as long as they can!

  • Fact pasted speedball field. 

  • A pure adrenaline attack and defend. This 2 story bunker come complete with it's own sound effect system and reactive detonator pad. The aim is the take the bunker within the time limit. Sounds easy?

  • The Outpost field is set in dense woodland. The only way to get there is by the woodland tracks. Ideal for quick footed players, or those who fancy a bit of snipping! You never know who is around the next corner.


  • Each team is separated by 2 high wire fences. The only way across is by the tunnels, over a 50m bridge or through the checkpoint with it pill boxes. 

  • The ultimate mixed field. Over 2 acres in size with multiple barricades and towers. Ideal environment for team death matches!